Mini Wonky Bottle with Cork - Custom Name



Sold By: wonkyworks
  • LENGTH:- .3.5 cm
  • WIDTH :- 3.5 cm
  • HEIGHT :- 3.5 cm
  • WEIGHT:- 14 gm each
  • Please Note: Hand-crafted product can be slightly different than the display image

Description of product

These cute lil glass bottles are perfect for all tiny stashes. Fill em with seeds or pills, oregano or salt, you won't be able to give them up.

Made from medical waste bottles, these upcycled glass bottles, are kiln-formed in a furnace at 700°Celsius and are fade-proof, food-safe and washable.

Go green now and flaunt your lack of carbon footprint!

PLEASE NOTE: These tiny bottles are available in 10ml, 20ml and 30 ml.

PS: All WonkyWorks upcycled products are made from actual waste glass bottles. Each piece is slightly different depending on the waste material available. Support us by buying an environmental-conscience product :) and remember to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE

Go green now and flaunt your lack of carbon footprint!

Material: Upcycled Glass Bottle
Process: Hand-crafted, Kiln-formed Glass
Properties: Fade-proof, Peel-free and Washable
Packaging: Recyclable Wonky Secure Packaging.
Manufacturing: Made by Women, Made for the Environment

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